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Lucie is originally from Zurich and Stewart is from New Zealand and they are the passion and skill behind Vicar's Son Premium Barley-Distilled Spirits. They both really admire what the smaller distilleries are able to produce when unconcerned about mass production techniques. 

After several years of producing barley based gin and vodka for their own and friends' consumption they have refined and refined their techniques and have now decided to take the next step and get started commercially.

Simply put they seek to produce the highest quality gin and vodka they can with a focus on quality over quantity. 

The bellow notes from Stewart and Lucie are about this limited batch that is only available through Regional Wines and Spirits. 

Stewart’s Distillation Notes for The Vicar’s Son Vodka – Batch RWS2

This is a handcrafted New Zealand single malt vodka from Vicar’s Son in Auckland, the world’s smallest commercial distillery.

Out of a total of 50kg of Gladfield distillers malt there was 25kgs that went into producing the nine bottles for this batch of vodka, the other 25kgs went into producing The Vicar’s Son Gin – Batch RWS1, so they are related if you want a matching pair. (Gladfield is near Dunsandel in the South Island.)

The yeast type was Saccharomyces Bayanus “Champagne Yeast” which isn’t a standard choice for spirits, but it does produce an exceptionally clean spirit – great for vodka and gin. The fermentation was highly successful with all sugar from the barley consumed which is also a significant factor in producing a clean spirit (Specific Gravity of .995 for the aficionados).

This batch has been distilled four times, two via a 25 Litre pot still and two via a ridiculously small but high-tech 6 lite column still. The final two distillations took over ten hours as the spirit was distilled at two drops a second to achieve an ABV ranging from 95.5% to 96.04%.

There was no filtering at all of this vodka - our manufacturing process ensures that it is not necessary. What you taste is exactly what came from the still.

Finally the Vodka was diluted with carbon neutral Antipodes water to achieve 40% ABV.

Bottled on the 25th November 2020 and will further develop over the next three to six months.

Lucie's tasting notes:

Not a neutral vodka as it isn’t filtered. Excellent mouthfeel, very smooth or as a customer described our vodka: 'It gives you a beautiful warm feeling without the normal harshness of vodka.’

Comforting and warm, with a pleasant hint of caramel. Best enjoyed with a few cubes of ice, in a dirty vodka martini (with only a whisper of Vermouth) or as a winter warmer in a coffee with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

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