The kelp seaweed forests that surround their shores are home o more than the creatures that weave between the tangled fronds.  Legends lie deep in waters.  Kelpies, the Scottish shape-shifting water spirits that inhabit the skerries* around Ardbeg, are known to take the form of a horse or a bull and prey on unwitting travelers to drown.  Long ago a farmer walking near Ardbeg's shoreline was almost dragged to sea by a water bull.  Managing to overcome and rope the creature, he locked it in a barn where it cried for mercy.  At dusk, the farmer's daughter was chased by a water horse seeking revenge for its kin.  The terrified girl released the water bull, whereupon the malevolent beasts took the fight back to the sea.

Herbal, aromas tantalise the nose.  Go deeper and discover smoky fudge, hickory wood, seaweed and smoked fish - a depth telling of its ties to the Black Sea, the journey of its casks across the oceans and the waves of flavor they have created.

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