Buzz Club Session Mead Kamahi & Lemon 330 ml

Buzz Club Session Mead Kamahi & Lemon 330 ml

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Native Kamahi Honey with Hawke's Bay Lemon Session Mead

A modern, Kiwi take on a historic drink. 

A light, refreshing session mead brewed from some of the very best honey the globe has to offer. The native Kamahi honey with Hawke?s Bay lemon sparkling mead has natural fruity and floral flavours, a light honey nose, with the fresh citrus twist making it the perfect summer afternoon drink. Modernising a historic drink using a combination of native New Zealand honey, and fresh local produce to bring you a taste of native NZ, in a can. Serve cold, or over ice. 

Does not contain: Artificial flavours, artificial colours, preservatives or added sugar. 

5.5% ABV.

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