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Calamity Gin is premium-crafted and infused with wildflowers including Texas Bluebonnets. Through a unique combination of Old World and New World styles, we have distilled a well-balanced gin with mild juniper, floral notes, and a fresh citrus finish. It's a unique taste we call “Texas Dry."

Tasting Notes:

Lots of citrus on the nose. Lemon, boiled grapefruit and honeysuckle blossoms. There’s a slight juniper branch and bitter orange oil aroma underneath as well. The aroma is a pleasing combination of both floral and citrus notes.

The palate is sweetly floral with a lot going on. At first on the palate there’s notes of lilac, bitter orange and lime zest. Mid-palate, the flowers continue to unfold. This time Calamity Gin shows some of those vanilla-kissed, dewy honeysuckle notes from the nose. Slightly creamy, Calamity Gin becomes moderately dry towards the finish. Juniper, cubeb and citrus.

The finish is moderate length with a pleasant dryness. Clean, and crisp, Calamity Gin finishes strong.

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