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How often do you try a blend of Pinot Gris and Riesling from one of France's most cult wine producers? If the answer is rarely, then here's an opportunity to try one of Marcel Deiss' great white wines, made from grapes grown on the Rotenberg vineyard where red iron rich soil and limestone provide Pinot Gris and Riesling with lift and zesty citrus flavours.

The unconventional wines of Domaine Marcel Deiss pay homage to organic and biodynamic viticulture, historic field blends and German grape varieties. They come from Alsace, France; a region steeped in controversial history between France and Germany, countries which have both fought and both won (and lost) ownership of this territory. 

Like all wines of Domaine Marcel Deiss, this one has cult status with wine collectors and drinkers alike so we are thrilled to have a wide range of them back in store, only they are in limited supply, so if you're a fan or a curious newcomer, get in quick.

Domaine Marcel Deiss is located in Bergheim, a small village nestling in the heart of the wine region of Alsace, equal distance from the northern and southern boundaries of the region. The current winemaker is Jean-Michel Deiss, who was born into a long-established family of wine growers, living at Bergheim since 1744.

Today he manages the domaine, which consists of 26 hectares (52 acres) of hillside vineyards spread over nine communes and approximately 20 kilometres.

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