Double Vision Colar Bear Yuzu Lemon Cola Sour 440ml

Double Vision Colar Bear Yuzu Lemon Cola Sour 440ml

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Our mates at The Brewing Project in Thailand have been selling up a storm of Colar Beers so much that we decided to plan a brew with them while they were over for Fresh Hop harvest! 

The brief was simple; how do we take one of our specialities and bring you all a taste of Thailand? We required the result to be Refreshing, Delicious Year Round and something to stand out in a saturated Fresh Hop Market market.

Just like a tuktuk gets filled to the brim with fruit, this beer gets filled to the brim with deliciousness from Real Lemon and Yuzu! This combination offers these delicious tropical fruit flavours, complimenting the notes from the cola flavours and giving something interesting, yet approachable. 

AVB 4.5%
STYLE Cola Sour
FLAVOURS Yuzu, Lemon, and Cola Flavours with a non-cloying sweetness that sits atop the mellow and approachable sour base.

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