Glenmorangie 14YO The Elementa 43% 1l

Glenmorangie 14YO The Elementa 43% 1l

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Created exclusively for travellers, our spicy and deep Elementa celebrates our skills in wood finishing, an art which brings new depths of flavour to our whisky.

First we mature our signature spirit in American oak bourbon casks to create smoothness and fruity notes. We then finish this single malt in the finest new charred oak casks, bringing forth a 14-year-old whisky of woody depth and intense spice, available exclusively in travel retail.

Nose: Spiced toffee bursts forth with scents of fresh grass, milk chocolate and deep layers of vanilla. Then deep, woody notes emerge with hints of clove and orange.

Palate: An intensely spicy mouthfeel brings a surge of dark ginger chocolate and fondant cream, with more clove, ginger and baked peaches.

Finish: A delicious balance of sweetness and spice, with a lingering suggestion of cumin.

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