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Here's an exceptionally tasty, exceptionally unusually produced Pinot Noir, which was fermented entirely in the vineyard in which the grapes in this wine were grown. It's been a happy and extremely successful experiment at Greystone Winery, which is one of North Canterbury's wine stars situated on the slopes of limestone rich hills in Omihi. All of the grapes that go into Greystone wines are 100% certified organic with BioGro NZ and all are estate grown. No additional fruit is purchased to supplement production, which is one of many incremental steps that go into Greystone's high quality wines.

This wine grew from an experiment that first took place in 2012 where wild yeasts were captured in the vineyard and used to ferment a Pinot Noir in the vineyard. It sounds only natural but is in fact highly unusual because grapes tend to be taken to the winery for fermentation. In this case, the winery ferment vessels came to the grapes.

The result is a slower than usual fermentation, due to cooler temperatures, especially at night time. 

This delicate Pinot shines a new light on this noble grape, which tastes silky, vibrant, fresh and delicate with a lingering finish and interesting flavour notes. 

It’s a wine for the cellar – or a special occasion in your finest glassware now or soon. 

* This wine was one of only two in New Zealand to make it onto the 2020 Top 100 Wine Discoveries by North American wine critic Robert Parker.

Certified organic with BioGro NZ.


Spring rain cooled the soil & gave our vines a slow start this season. Flowering wasnt ideal, leading to small bunches and lots of leaf growth so needed extensive lcanopy work to ensure even ripening. Summer came through in the new year with a particularly dry & hot February, bringing us into harvest with pristine fruit that had great concentration, but very small volumes. Our Vineyard Ferment is made from Dijon clones 115, 667, and 777 on our north facing clay slopes. All organically managed and hand harvested.


Hand picked and fermented outside in the vineyard rows where the fruit was grown. This is the first year we had a separate destemmer, that lives in the vineyard so the fruit never left the rows. We allow the fruit to start fermentation in its own time and respond to the rhythm of the season. Therefore the fermentations are driven not only by indigenous vineyard yeast but also the ambient temperatures. So we are extended the vintage influence on the wine itself. We gently hand plunge the vats once per day and then allow a short maceration post-ferment for balance and harmony. The young wine is then aged for 15 months in old oak barrels before being estate bottled - unfined and unfiltered.

About Greystone

The Greystone wine story began in 2000 when the Thomas Family bought an old sheep farm on the Omihi hills in the Waipara Valley, North Canterbury. The rolling limestone hills lured this family in and their goal was a single minded one: to make great wines from the limestone rich soils here. Fast forward 20 years and Greystone is one of the great (and, some might say, yet to be fully discovered) wineries in this outstanding wine region. Not least due to the work of winemaker Dom Maxwell and general manager Nick Gill, who began working together in 2005 and has grown along with the brand and quality. 

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