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Rated *World Class* with a 100 point score from Beer Advocate, this is a must-try for fans of funky sours. Hanssens Bartholomeus, former major of Dworp, started to brew lambic in 1871, in the previous Saint-Antonius brewery. Nowadays, Hanssens Artisanaal is directed by Sidy Hanssens, daughter of Jean, the fourth generation in this family’s tradition. It has to be noted that Bartholomeus started as a lambic brewer, but after World War I, when the Germans took all the copper brew material to produce war equipment, he, like many others at that time, had to continue as a blender. The most significant difference between a gueuze blender and geuze brewer is that a gueuze blender buys wort (lambic wort) of lambic brewers and does not brew the lambic by his own. A gueuze brewer only works with its own lambic. Each batch of Gueuze offers different aromas and flavors only based on the century old knowledge of the Hanssens family. After the blending the Gueuze are bottled, corked and stored in the cellar for secondary fermentation at 50O-55OF for over one year whereas a blender works with different lambics.

6.5% ABV

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