Hernö Old Tom Gin 43% 500ml

Hernö Old Tom Gin 43% 500ml

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Jon Hillgren discovered gin while working as a bartender in London in 1999. He
fell in love with the spirit and his passion for the drink evolved into gin crafting. He
visited distilleries all around the the world studying the art of creating beautiful gin.
In 2011 Hernö Gin Distillery was born. Sweden’s first dedicated gin distillery and the
world’s northernmost gin distillery. 

Here, Jon creates organic, artisan gin with the
finest botanicals.

It is also the most awarded gin in Europe for the fourth year in a row.
* Juniper Berries from Hungary, Coriander Seeds from Bulgaria, Fresh Lemon Peel,
Lingon Berries from Sweden, Meadowsweet from the United Kingdom, Black Pepper
from India, Cassia from Indonesia, Vanilla from Madagascar, Honey from the northern
Swedish forests and Natural Swedish water.

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