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Velvety, smooth and deliciously drinkable, this full bodied dry red has great structure and while it tastes seductively good right now, it is also incredibly age worthy. Il Poggione is one of Montalcino's oldest estates, established at the end of the 19th Century by Lavinio Franceschi. It is now run by fifth generation family members and the winemaking is by father-son team, Fabrizio and Alessandro Bindocci. Their aim is to produce high quality, classic Brunello di Montalcinos, using modern technology while maintaining traditional style and techniques.

What is Brunello?

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG is one of Italy's great reds and comes from Montalcino, a hillside town that's about 42 kilometres from the city of Siena, 150 kilometres from Florence and is 567 metres above sea level. 

Brunello di Montalcino must legally be aged for five years prior to its release in bottle, so when looking at the great wines from this small township, it's important to take that into consideration. 

The name Brunello comes from the Italian word Bruno, which means brown. It was given to the grape variety that Brunello di Montalcino is made from; it's a 100% varietal wine, meaning it is made entirely from only one grape variety. And until 1879, that grape was thought to be a distinctively different variety than the main grape in Tuscany, namely Sangiovese. 

In 1879, it was discovered that the Brunello grape is, in fact, a clone of Sangiovese which happens to produce particularly powerful, velvety smooth reds in this little highly prized hillside appellation. So, Brunello is one of Tuscany's few red wines that is made 100% from the Sangiovese grape and it is one of Italy's great red wines. 

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