Kereru Ordinary Bitter Pale Ale 330ml can

Kereru Ordinary Bitter Pale Ale 330ml can

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This restorative, unfiltered, and mildly-hopped ordinary bitter is our take on a classic British pale ale. Built on a foundation of NZ grown ale and specialty malts, this beer is biscuity, malty, and balanced with NZ Goldings used for bittering and dry-hopping

This beer pairs beautifully with a variety of foods as well as being ideal as a pallet clearer at whisky tastings. It is unassuming, yet both refreshing and flavoursome. It is also great on handpull for a classic English-style serving. We?ll leave it to you to decide if it?s best with or without a sparkler for extra creaminess.

 3.8% ABV.

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