Kiwi Spirits Wait Whiskey 350ml

Kiwi Spirits Wait Whiskey 350ml

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New Zealand made single malt whiskey, 6 years of aging in old Manuka honey mead barrels. 

The result speaks for itself in a very gentle easy to drink whiskey.
This small batch single malt is one of only a few true honey malt whiskeys produced in the world today. It all started in 1998 in a rural Golden Bay shed where WAITUI WHISKEY was born, distilled from a malt mash, then aged in French oak honey mead wine barrels, and finally balanced with the ancient waters of the Te Waikoropupu aquifer resulting in a distinctive single malt honey whiskey. Only small batches of the ?Waitui Malt Whiskey? are produced then hand bottled and labelled ready for sale.

Waitui Manuka Honey Malt Whiskey goes back to the first age whiskeys made by monks that brewed honey mead and drank ale. Distilling in the United Kingdom first arrived around 500AD. Back then they had no sherry or bourbon barrels, but they did have honey mead barrels. They also made barley beer or malt mash which is the starting point of any malt whiskey. The Scottish want us to jump forward 1000 years to John Corr in 1494 who they say made the first whiskey. In this 1000 year gap was the first world whiskeys time of creation. Ageing a malt mash distillate in oak mead barrels is where it all began. Now in new world New Zealand we are going back and have created Waitui Manuka Honey Malt Whiskey.

"No malt blends or additives, only malt mash", explains owner and production manager, Terry Knight. ?The delicate oak gives our whiskey its ?weight? but the distilled malt and ageing in Manuka honey mead wine barrels delivers an almost toffee taste that?s in perfect balance with the malt.?

40% ABV

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