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Liberty Brewing - Enjoy this amazing artwork from local Tattoo Artist Roger Moore.  Relish how it perfectly echoes what is in the bottle.  Adore the pale lager like feel and appearance.  Revel in the mystical transformation that happens when you take the glass up to your face.  Marvel at the wonder and mystery that is this Hoptical Illusion.

It is a beer that belies its appearance.  We used the palest Weyermann Pilsner malt that we could find.  We jammed unconventional amounts of Simocoe, Sauvin, Mosaic and Columbus into every facet of the beer making process.  We sourced a rare yeast strain from the East Coast of the USA.  Then, we waited for the magic to happen.

Forget what you think you know about beer.  Forget that "Malt Backbone" that people talk about: you won't find it here.  Forget Wisdom.  Forget Convention.  Forget what the beer judges might say about this beer.  Just take that glass up to your lips and let the sweet juicy deliciousness engulf your senses.

8.0% ABV.

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