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Gattinara is the northernmost Italian wine region for one of that country’s greatest red grapes - Nebbiolo. Like its better known siblings, Barolo and Barbaresco, Gattinara DOCG (the Italian name for a legally defined wine region) is in Piemonte, in the north west of Italy.

Wines made in the Gattinara DOCG must contain at least 90% of the Nebbiolo grape but in reality, many of the best are 100% Nebbiolo wines, despite the very cool northern weather conditions in this northern zone. This means that Gattinara tends to have refreshingly lively and pronounced acidity. This preserves the wines in the long term and makes them taste fresh in their youth.

From Wine Advocate

Rating 92

Drink Date
2019 - 2028

Reviewed by Monica Larner Issue Date 29th Jun 2019

The weather in Gattinara is often unexpected. For example, in 2017 it rained more in this area than it did in Barolo. This vintage was more tempered, and this 2015 Gattinara comes across as pretty, elegant and soft, with light notes of berries and a pretty ashy signature. This particular expression of Nebbiolo would be a good choice for lamb.

Starting in 2018, the Nervi estate is fully under the control of Roberto Conterno of the Giacomo Conterno estate in Monforte d'Alba.

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