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Templeton Rye 6-Year Rye Whiskey was distilled from a recipe of 95% rye and 5% barley at MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Following its first release, the company quickly experienced its fair share of controversy after the company was the subject of a class-action lawsuit over alleged deceptive marketing practices. The 6-year expression, which was first released in 2016, is also distilled from the same recipe by MGP and the juice is sent to Templeton, Iowa, where the company adds their own proprietary formula and local purified water before bottling the whiskey at their facility.


The nose is relatively simple, delivering the obvious rye spice that is expected from a 95% MGP rye, some dry herbal notes, along with notes of sweet caramel, vanilla, some toasted coconut, and a touch of smoky oak.


This rye has a relatively light mouthfeel and there is minimal rye spice and heat on the palate. Instead, the palate is dominated mostly by sweet notes, including vanilla, caramel, some crisp green apple, baking spice, and smoky oak.


The finish is undoubtedly the best part of this rye. It is medium-long with a nice combination of alcohol burn and rye spice. The heavier spicy notes are balanced by the sweetness of caramel, maraschino cherry, dry oak, and a few dill-like herbal notes that finish out the pour.

In closing

Templeton Rye is certainly not the most complex or challenging rye available, but it is easy-drinking and is a definite step-up from other MGP rye products I’ve tried at the same price point. I was initially unimpressed with this whiskey, given the lack of complexity and sweet presentation on the palate, but the spicy finish was a pleasant surprise and definitely added value to the overall profile. 

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