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Harviestoun - Old Engine Oil - Black Ale - 6%

We all need some lubrication from time to time, right, and Harviestoun OId Engine Oil is guaranteed to crank the cogs of even the most stubborn old engine.

This is all about the dark and decadent pleasure of roasted malts that emanate as chocolate, mocha, coffee and caramel on the nose. Then there’s that whiff of iron ore that all decent dark beers seem to possess. You know, like the odour that hits you as you’re welding the front axle of your E-Type Jaguar back in place after a minor accident whilst out driving in the countryside.

Then it’s onto the palate that is not just rich but velvety thanks to the oats. There’s some clever bittering hops in there too which balance the sweet chocolate and caramel notes, meaning the final result really does feel more like an ale than a porter; deep and dark yet mightily refreshing. It’s a meal in a glass, just what the doctor would order if you needed to gain a few pounds, or suffered from mild anemia. Gorgeous stuff and don’t dare serve it too cold. The malts and hops need a chance to hum in unison and, once they do, it’s like the deep, sonorous purr of a freshly tuned, and well oiled, V-8 engine.


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