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If Clos de Ste Anne sounds more like a French wine name than a Kiwi one, that's because these wines are inspired by their great French counterparts.

Meet Millton Vineyard's top tier wines. There are four in the range and all are named after their vineyard sites with the overarching brand of Clos de Ste Anne. The word clos loosely translates as walled and in traditional winemaking regions of France and refers to reverred vineyards that have been fenced off to clearly indicate their boundaries. Only in most cases, the fence tends to be a beautiful stone wall that could be anything from 100 years to several centuries old. 

In the case of Millton's Clos de Ste Anne, the vineyards are not only younger and unwalled, but they have been carved up into four distinctive areas, each planted with a different grape variety and with an individual name. These small-ish, single vineyard sites on the Clos de Ste Anne are called La Bas, The Crucible Syrah, Naboth's Vineyard and Les Arbres. 

The four wines made from these sites are complex, layered and interestingly multi faceted in body, structure and flavour.  

The new releases are all from 2021 and here are two tasting teasers of the four wines in the range. The other two are a Syrah and a Viognier. Both superb. We have them all in stock now.

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2021 Millton Clos de Ste Anne La Bas Chenin Blanc RRP $89.99

Special $84.99

A compelling dry Chenin Blanc with great fresh acidity driving flavours of honey, white fleshed peach and green apples, a hint of beeswax here and a touch of dry grass there. This is a stunningly structured, full bodied white wine balanced by bright and bold zesty citrus flavours. It's gorgeous now and can up for up to a decade in good storage conditions; cool and dark. 


2021 Millton Clos de Ste Anne Naboth's Vineyard Chardonnay RRP $89.99 

Special $84.99

Clos de Ste Anne is a steeply sloping hillside vineyard facing north east in Gisborne and is also the name of this outstanding full bodied with its bold layers of complexity. Vanilla, almonds, peachy flavour notes all combine in this wine, which also has nuances of freshly whipped butter, a creamy texture and smooth style that makes it a winner. 

All Clos de Ste Anne wines are certified organic and biodynamic. 


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