A bubbly tale from Marlborough

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Diamond Heart is brand new in store at Regional and is full bodied, impressively creamy new bubbly made the same way as champagne but from grapes grown in New Zealand's biggest wine region, Marlborough.

This tasty new wine is made from world's most popular white grape variety - Chardonnay. Marisco Wines founder, Brent Marris, was drinking a glass of champagne when he was inspired to try producing his own high quality bubbly. 

The story has its genesis in 2017 and is a tale of less than six degrees of separation. Brent Marris was having lunch with his senior winemaker Jeremy Brown, enjoying a glass of bubbly under the Highfield Fizz label. It turns out that Brown been involved this bubbly and Drapier was the original consulting Champagne house used by Highfield to develop the fizz programme”  

It turns out that Brown made this bubbly, which inspired Marris to throw down the gauntlet in a challenge to produce a similar style of wine from Marlborough. Long discussions and lots of research followed, only this time it was research into sites and soil types that would be most suitable for the production of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; the queen and king of champagne grapes. 

Fast forward five years and there are now two bubblies made by Marisco Wines, both from Marlborough grapes. We selected one for our sparkling wine shelves - at least initially - and we chose this beautiful blanc de blanc, which is French for white of and means that the wine is made entirely from the Chardonnay grape. 

Most winemakers enjoy a challenge and for Jeremy Brown, it was a full circle one that combined his New Zealand winemaking expertise with his experience of making wine in France. 

Buy Marisco Blanc de Blancs Diamond Heart RRP $43.99 here

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