Pinot Noirs from the north... aka Pinot Nero

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Selling Pinot Nero to New Zealand as it is a little like selling coals to you know where (Newcastle, in case you didn't).

If it's not putting too fine a point on it, New Zealand is overflowing with good to exceptionally good Pinot Noirs and the shelves in store at Regional Wines definitely have a vast array, but since variety is the spice of life, we have created a new Pinot Noirs of the World section, on the shelves next to red Burgundy. 

These wines throw a new light on the PInot Noir theme and are now home to three exceptionally interesting Italian Pinot Neros, alongside high class Pinot Noir from the United States and great German Spatburgunders. This Germanic word literally means 'late Burgundy' and is the Germanic description of how the PInot Noir grape ripens in that country's traditionally cool climate. 

We have Burgundy on the way but with shipping taking a lot longer than it used to, we decided to up the ante for the customer and provide exceptionally interesting Pinot Neros from a wide range of regions around the world. These wines come to us and you, the customer, at a fraction of the price of most red Burgundy too, so it's a win-win. 

The Abbazia di Novacella winery is one of the oldest wineries in operation in the world and has been making wine since 1142 from terraced vineyards at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level in the steep hills of the Tyrol. This wine is one of our most impressive Pinot Noirs in store; known correctly as Pinot Nero.

Pop in to browse these fascinating wine shelves and ask staff to point you in the direction to... 

PInot Noirs of the world... Or better still, buy from this hand picked selection below or in store. 

Three Italian Pinot Neros

2021 Erste & Neue Pinot Nero RRP $39.99

This northern Italian wine is dry, medium bodied and absolutely full of red cherry flavours and depth of earthy notes that adds fabulous complexity and deliciousness. Top drinking at an accessible price. 

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2018 Praepositus Riserva Pinot Nero RRP $68.99

From one of the world's longest running wineries, this velvety smooth, savoury red is rich and dark in colour and taste. A deliciously Italianesque take on Pinot Noir theme, which drinks beautifully now and will age positively for up to a decade, improving in cool dark cellar conditions. Delish. 

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2020 Grosjean Vigne Tzeriat Pinot Nero RRP $59.99

Exceptional wine from the great Grosjean winery in Valleé d'Aoste in north west Italy; a beautiful mountainous region where Pinot Noir thrives on the elevated vineyard sites, producing velvet smooth, full bodied, deeply satisfying wines such as this gorgeous example. 

This wine is made with grapes grown on slopes in full sun situated between 600 and 750 metres above sea level. 

Drinks exceptionally well now - be sure to decant into your largest glasses. Can age up for to a decade. 

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