Abel Methode Cider NV 330ml

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Abel Methode Cider is made by us in small quantities, crafted from 100% apples and pears. We hand harvest tree-ripened fruit, crush it, then ferment until dry. This is quite different from your usual cider as we ferment the skins, stalks, pips and all, to maximize fruit aromatics and flavour. Abel cider is unfined and unfiltered. This basically means we allow our cider to naturally clarify via gravity to retain character. It's fermented in the bottle, like champagne. This natural carbonation gives a finer bubble which retains the aromas and flavours. Bottle fermentation adds complexity and texture, as well as giving cloudiness from the natural yeast sediment that remains.

Our cider is dry as this is the way we like to drink it - refreshing and full of flavour! ENJOY You have a couple of options when it comes to enjoying a bottle of Abel Methode Cider: EITHER...Place bottle upright in the fridge overnight, the colder the better. This will allow the natural sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle. When you're ready to drink it, pour the clear cider (everything but the settled sediment) into a champagne flute or wine glass of your choice. OR...If you like cloudy cider, invert the bottle a couple of times then pour away!

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