Hastings Distillers L'Opera Bitter Orange Aperitif 24% 700ml

Hastings Distillers L'Opera Bitter Orange Aperitif 24% 700ml

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Hastings Distillers was formed in 2019 by Kate Galloway and David Ramonteu, an inspiring couple with a background in winemaking and an artistic philosophy of production. Their award winning spirits are inspired as much by artists such as Tolstoy, Steiner and Tuwhare as by their scientific backgrounds in winemaking. The pair created the wine brands Alluviale and DaDa in a prior lifetime, before travelling through Europe and decided to marry distillation with therapeutic herbs. The result is a range of spirits using foraged, organic and biodynamic botanicals, pure organic spirit and water. Learn more about their story, taste the products and take some home from a visit. 

Biogro Certified 

Hastings Distillers commitment to organics is shown in their Biogro certification, ensuring all aspects of their production (botanicals, alcohol, water, packaging) has been checked, audited and certified by New Zealand?s largest certification agency. 


The transparent seal on their bottles is made from environmentally friendly, compostable cellulose. The bottles themselves and label paper are made by long established European manufacturers under EU environmental regulations.

Tasting note: A bitter-sweet infusion of New Zealand grown Seville oranges, selected roots and flowers. Batch in fused and cut to strength with Kaweka spring water. Vibrant notes of fresh orange, tangerine and red apple combine with the bitterness of liquorice, wormwood and gentian. Natural colour from orange peel and hibiscus flowers.

Serving note: Serve long with sparkling water for a refreshing bitter-sweet drink. Perfect for Negroni, Americano and any cocktail requiring a bittersweet orange liqueur.

All Hastings Distillers products are certified organic with BioGro New Zealand. 

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