Loverbeer BeerBera Fruit Ale 330ml

Loverbeer BeerBera Fruit Ale 330ml

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Name: BeerBera

Style: Spontaneous Fruit Ale

Fermentation: Spontaneous

AbV: 8%[1]

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, grape, sugar, hop

Process: Spontaneous fermentation activated by wild yeasts and bacteria that the grapes bring in with them, no added yeast.

Fermentation and maturation in oak vats for 5/6 months. Refermentation in bottle or keg.

Average liters produced per year: 5000 lt

Inspiration: The connection between the Lambic world and our rural culture. “A simple grape juice, pressed and destemmed, so much…as much as is needed, used not as a simple flavouring but intended to start the fermentation of this beer in the wooden vat, without added yeast. The recipe results balanced and perfected over the years. Mine is not a trend but a precise intention” – Valter Loverier

Description: “Fresh, vinous and fruity in the nose, qualities confirmed in the palate and that reveal a close connection between the spontaneously fermented beers world and that of wine. A very successful challenge that gives us an original and courageous beer, easy to enjoy, despite the high alcohol content, thanks to an appropriate watery body”. – Lorenzo Dabove AKA Kuaska

Available size: Bottle 37.5 cl, Key Keg 20 lt

Service temperature: 8°-12°

Tips: A very fresh and well carbonated beer. Excellent as an aperitif and to pair with delicate taste dishes.

Try it also with fat cheese, cold cuts or salmon.

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