Loverbeer Sour Sketch Wild IGA 375ml

Loverbeer Sour Sketch Wild IGA 375ml

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Name: Sour Sketch

Style: Wild IGA

Fermentation: High

AbV: 5,6%[1]

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, grape (20%), sugar, hop, yeast

Process: Fermentation by an inoculation of yeasts and thanks to yeasts and
wild bacteria present on fruit. Fermentation and maturation in oak
vats for 5/6 months, refermentation in bottle or kegs

Average liters produced per year: 1500 lt

Inspiration: "After more than 10 years of fruit production experience, I was
inspired by the DruivenBier for this uncompromising IGA. The
natural process gives it a wild character distinguishing all our
products: dryness, balance and easy drinking" - Valter Loverier

Description: Orange-colored beer with notes of rose and peach in syrup
immediately in the nose. Elegant acidity and sweetness in the
mouth, with flavors of apricot, raspberry and ripe fruit.

Available size: Bottle 37.5 cl, Key Keg 20 lt

Service temperature: 8°-12°

Tips: Try it also with biscuits, red currant tart or pie, panettone and
dishes with pumpkin.

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