Mastersons Whiskey Rye 10yr 45%

Mastersons Whiskey Rye 10yr 45%

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Named for Bat Masterson (a man who held many roles, including buffalo hunter, gunfighter, newspaper journalist, army scout, gambler), this is a 10 year old Canadian rye whiskey bottled in the USA. Made with a wonderfully straightforward mashbill of 100% rye, this packs a hearty punch of classic rye spices, tempered by caramel and toasted coconut notes imparted by the generous maturation.

Nose: Peppercorn, toasted oak, buttered rye bread, cinnamon and dark chocolate.

Palate: Oodles of caramel and tobacco notes, Bounty Bars, thyme and ginger.

Finish: Lingering nutmeg and red chilli powder.

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