Rochdale Three Berry Cider Cans 330ml 6 packs

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The Three Bearies lived in a log cabin in the woods. One day, when a young lass named Goldilocks swung by for a visit, she had an opportunity to sample the tasty beverage they had created. Upon sampling the succulent libation she was moved to exclaim, in a rather excited voice, ‘why, it’s not too sharp, yet not too subtle…in fact, it’s just right!’.

Blending the vibrant flavours of raspberries, boysenberries and blackcurrants with a delicious apple base, the brew upon which our analogy is based is made from the finest ingredients, using the most natural process imaginable. 

Full-bodied yet delicate and refined, the rich interplay between the berries produces a lively aroma and a big ‘jammy’ taste making it the ideal companion for long walks through the woods, or virtually any other outing or occasion you can think of!

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