Starward Tawny #2 Limited Edition Single Malt 48% 700ml

Starward Tawny #2 Limited Edition Single Malt 48% 700ml

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A decadent single-malt whisky. Starward have taken inspiration from Tawny #1, and fully matured this spirit in both fresh and charred, Tawny fortified wine casks. To mix things up, they threw in some puncheon and hogshead barrels for fun, which allowed vibrant tropical flavours to come through. 

Vibrant and indulgent. Expect welcoming flavours of dried fruits, toasted oak and brown sugar. As warm and comforting as Nan?s fruit cake.

Irresistible to sip neat. Strong enough to stand in a cocktail. 

Colour: Burnt orange 
Aroma: Dried fruit/raisins, toasted oak, fig and dried orange.   
Palate: Initial sweetness on the front palate, rich dried fruits, brown sugar and nutmeg. 
Finish: Palate slowly dries from the spice leaving a well-balanced finish 

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