Teeling 30YO Single Malt Irish Whisky 46% 700ml

Teeling 30YO Single Malt Irish Whisky 46% 700ml

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Teeling Whiskey has released a new 30 YO single malt. This whiskey is the latest iteration of a now legendary batch of whiskey that has been aging in Teeling?s warehouse, and prior to that at the Cooley distillery, where it was originally crafted, for three decades.

This expression is the third release and follows it hugely successful 24-year-old and 28-year-old Teeling single malt siblings. The 30 YO is the oldest release in the series but according to Alex Chasko, Teeling?s Master Distiller, ?we have more Sauterne casks still filled with 1991 malt in the warehouse? so the 30 YO will be followed by even older expressions in the future. At the time the 24 YO expression was bottled, there were an additional 60 casks of whiskey remaining.

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