Uiltje Apfelstrudel Dopplebock 330ml

Uiltje Apfelstrudel Dopplebock 330ml

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Yesssss! Who doesn?t love a piece of apfelstrudel, vanilla, whipped cream, raisins and apple all poured into this 11% Imperial doppelbock.

Ever wanted to make like Alice and enter a wonderland of your own? Well, to that we say ?drink me?. This doppelbock is your golden ticket to a prelapsarian forest full of apples. Well? we did already pick those apples and baked it into a creamy Austrian pastry with vanilla, raisins and cinnamon. We used the best German malts and hops to get down this rabbit hole. Drink this portion and you?ll soon be consulting caterpillars, organizing mad tea parties and playing croquet with the queen. Yes, wonderland is yours for the taking. Just don?t lose your head down there.

11% ABV

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