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Family owned, historically inspired and a consistently high quality wine producer. Meet Nautilus, our new winery of the month for October and, yes, we are about to enter the last quarter of 2023.

We have chosen Nautilus as our winery of the month for October because of the popularity of the wines as well as the variety and great quality. The name Nautilus refers to the mathematically perfect spiral of the Nautilus shell, which has been admired since ancient Greek times.

"This shape is found throughout nature: in the growth of seeds on a sunflower head, in the air movement of a cyclone, or in the spiral through which a hawk flies towards its prey. This natural balance and proportion is something we seek to express in our wines," says Robert Hill-Smith, owner of Nautilus Wines, who also owns Yalumba Wines in South Australia.

In many ways, these two wineries could not be more different. Yalumba is in a warm climate while Nautilus is situated in a cool one, but both wineries have set many trends in their respective Southern Hemisphere locations. 

Nautilus makes white, red and sparkling wines, modelling its bubblies on one of the greatest champagne producers, Bollinger. Like Bolly, Nautilus Marlborough Cuvee Brut is a 70/30 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which is always aged for three years on tirage; the decomposing yeast cells, in bottle, following the second fermentation. This lengthy process is more than twice the legal minimum ageing time for non vintage champagne and it makes a significant and discernible difference to the taste, complexity and body of these sparkling wines. 

Buy Nautilus Marlborough Cuvee Brut RRP $43.99 Special $35.99 here

* Pop in store this October to try and buy the exceptional wines of Nautilus, which range from Albarino to bubbly, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and of course, Sauvignon Blanc.

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