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Our first whisky tasting of the year kicks off on Friday 17 Feb, upstairs at Regional Wines, and I don’t know about you, but I am super excited!

Not only is it on a Friday night (which sounds irresistible), but it’s also jam packed with nine affordable and intriguing drams. We’ve sure done some high end tastings of late, and it’s going to be interesting to get back to grassroots and reassess just what makes whisky tick.

The affordable whisky category is becoming a hard one to pin down. Scotch is very much still in a boom phase and prices have generally skyrocketed (as with so many other consumables one could argue).

Typically these value drams are lower in abv and with no age statement. They aren’t esoteric numbers to open a discussion with - but that’s ok, as these whiskies are for drinking. Of course, they still need to be good - and value should not necessarily come at the cost of quality.

In this vein, we’ll be putting these drams to the test at the coming tasting, as we always do, and they certainly won’t be let off lightly just because they’re on the cheaper side. Hopefully you have a seat, but if not, don't fret - there will be a blog following the tasting shortly afterwards.

In the meantime below are some ideas for decent affordable (but not necessarily cheap) sherried whiskies to prime the palate.


GLENALLACHIE 15YO 46% 700ML $139.99


ABERLOUR A'BUNADH BATCH 75 60.9% 700ML $136.99

KILCHOMAN SANAIG 46% 700ML $114.99

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