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Is climate change having an effect on one of the world’s smallest, highest priced and, arguably, most revered wine region?

Burgundy is the smallest fine wine region in France and has traditionally been its most challenging for consistency of style and quality.

This is due to its cool northern continental climate, relatively high rainfall and frost risk.

Throw in a thin skinned red grape such as Pinot Noir - the great red of the region and you have a formula for extremely challenging consistency in terms of both quality and quantity. Especially in vintages where rain and frost mean you have to harvest relatively early; in August or September, say, which are the northern hemisphere's early autumns months. 


Find out more about Burgundy's intricacies...

The flip side is that Pinot Noir makes some of the silkiest, smoothest, most seductive red wines in the world in good vintages. And Burgundy is having more of those than ever, according to Burgundian wine specialist Jasper Morris, who explains the tip of climate change iceberg on an interesting podcast called I'll Drink to That by Levi Dalton - Jasper Goes Deep on the Burgundy Crus explains it on IDTT Wine 459 here: https://illdrinktothatpod.com/


This fascinating podcast covers vast ground in an accessible, informative and extremely indepth way - perfect to listen to when exercising or driving and when contemplating your next purchase of a bottle of Burgundy. 

Speaking of which, here are Regional Wines we have had a big focus on Burgundy this year and, given that the year is still young, there's plenty more to come.

Regional Wines Burgundy sale

Our Burgundy sale has gone gangbusters, with a high number of customers taking the plunge into the deep end of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay pool, so to speak, and buying some of the world's great Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. 

Learn more on the podcast above and also here in store - we have one copy left of Jasper Morris' great book on Burgundy, which is widely regarded as the best guide to this complicated, tricky to understand and delicious wine region.

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