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Riesling is one of the oldest German grape varieties and indisputedly the greatest. Its ability to age for decades and remain fresh in flavour even when old is its greatest characteristic. 

One of the best Riesling producers is Clemens Busch and we have secured a range of the wines from here, all of which are 100 per cent organic and biodynamically certified. 

This great estate is in the heart of the great Mosel wine region. It's owned by Rita and Clemens Busch, who make some of the most marvellous wines in the Mosel River valley, all of their production is certified organic and biodynamic and all push boundaries of exceptional quality.

Rita and Clemens Busch grow their grapes on a wide variety of different slate soils and interestingly diverse micro climates, all of which play a large role in the winemaking process.

In order to differentiate the Marienburg's individual plots, the Busch family has used the corresponding historical names to describe the individual wines. These names include Fahrlay, Falkenlay, Raffes, and Rothenpfad. 

Buy great Clemens Busch wines here

All about Riesling - what makes it great and challenging

* Riesling is a cold hardy grapevine, which means it can handle cold temperatures without being destroyed by them;

* It buds late so generally avoids spring frosts;

* It ripens mid to late in the season, developing distinctive intense flavours;

* It's resistant to downy mildew, only slightly susceptible to powdery mildew (two of the biggest issues for grape growers);

* It's susceptible to botrytis (also known as noble rot) which softens grape skins when they are fully ripe, sucking juice from the grape and concentrating the intense aromatic flavours;

* Riesling has personality - from lime zest and green apple skin flavours to peach concentrate and honey.

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