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Domaine William Fevre has forged a top notch reputation for Chardonnay in a relatively short space of time. Founded in 1957 in the northernmost outpost of Chardonnay, Chablis, Fevre is famous for leading a Chablis revival, using methods such as hand picking its grapes, adhering to high quality winemaking but also in an accessible way with wines such as Sea Chablis - a label that brings the message of this well known region home to wine drinkers in an easy to understand way. Pictures of oyster shells on the label suggest the famous fossils for which Chablis is known by wine lovers. The fossil rich soils are known as Kimmeridgian clay and are very different to those found in the heartland of Burgundy's Cote d'Or. 

Chablis was declared a wine region in 1938. It is nearly 7,000 hectares,  about 80% planted in vines and it is the most northern district of Burgundy (sharing the Chardonnay grape), although it also has an affinity with nearby Champagne, due to those famous soils. Its northern location also tends to give the wines focussed acidity and, often, less oak influence than the rest of Burgundy.

About those soils. Kimmeridgian clay has the same chalk in it that is found in the White Cliffs of Dover and is full of fossilised oyster shells.

Domaine William Fevre wines span the gamut of accessibly priced Chablis right up to Le Clos; one of the most sought after Chardonnays on Earth. 


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