Tempranillo's new wave

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Tempranillo is hot right now and not only because it is on trend. A study by the Spanish Meteorology Agency predicts the maximum temperature in Rioja will be 4ºC higher in 2050 than it was in 2010, if temperatures continue rising at their current rate. That prediction is based on the average temperature rise in Rioja having gone up between 0.9ºC and 1.2ºC since the 1950s.

But back to vino... Tempranillo is hot because it is benefiting so far from the warmer temperatures, although some producers are struggling with some of the challenges heat brings. 

How does this impact on Tempranillo?

Tempranillo has always been the main ingredient in Rioja and in warmer years and in the hands of adventurous producers, many Riojas are now 100% Tempranillo. 

Rising temperatures mean riper, plusher, smoother full bodied red wines made from Tempranillo. Rioja benefits from this, big time. And so we do, the drinkers of good red wines.  

Another study, which was conducted by sociologists Sergio Andrés Cabello and Joaquín Giró of the University of La Rioja, revealed that 90% of the 481 grape growers and winemakers who were surveyed feel that the effects of climate change will be negative or very negative (65%) and say that the region will need to adapt to survive (46%).

New wave Riojas

New wines in store at Regional over the past three years show a significant swing towards Riojas made entirely from Tempranillo, such as the outstanding, multi award winning 2019 Cabama Tempranillo Rioja RRP $38.99 which you can buy here.

Other wines are adopting a combination of American and French oak for ageing prior to bottling, which means the results are more complex, smoother, less about the old dusty heartland of Spain style and moving towards flavours of cedar, cloves and subtle vanilla aromas. 

Popular, plump and spicy, 2020 Bideona Laderas Tempranillo is a great example - and one of our best sellers, which you can buy here.

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