New Zealand’s first Organic Wine Week - 17 to 23 September

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Organic Wine Week

New Zealand’s first Organic Wine Week is from 17 to 23 September

Does organic wine taste better?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips as they sip the growing number of organic wines made in New Zealand today.
While it is hard to justify that organic wine actually tastes better, there is no question that it feels better drinking it because of growing environmental and health concerns globally. 

A wine can only be organic if it is certified organic. This is key.

In New Zealand the main organic certification is BioGro NZ. This is an independent organisation that checks that vineyards (where grapes grow) and wineries (where the grapes are processed into wine) do not use any man-made chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers

This is why Organic Winegrowers New Zealand is launching an annual event this year to show New Zealanders how many good, very good and exceptional organic wines are made in New Zealand today.

So, how many New Zealand winemakers are certified organic today?

If you answered 10%, then you’re bang on. Not that many of us walk around with statistics like this in our heads.

This figure is one of the highest in a wine producing country. Other countries with a strong focus on organic wine production (and high statistics of certified organic wines) are Austria, France and Italy.

The organics of this year’s Organic Wine Week aim to highlight what organic wine production means and the week runs from 17 to 23 September.

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWN) is an incorporated society with 180 members.

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