Organic, dynamic and classic - meet Churton Estate from Marlborough

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Our winery of the month for March is Churton Estate

All Churton Estate wines are...

* Organically certified

* Made from biodynamically farmed grapes

* Next level in quality

* Available to taste at Regional throughout March 

Our new winery of the month follows hot on the heels of the gorgeous Greystone from North Canterbury and, like Greystone, is also fully certified organic with Bio-Gro NZ

British immigrants and wine lovers Sam and Mandy Weaver added a new twist to the Marlborough wine tale when they founded Churton Estate in 1994, naming it after the farm on which Sam grew up.

Their 22 hectare vineyard is part of a 51 hectare farm and all the vines are now grown biodynamically and are certified organic with BioGro-NZ. They have planted their vines on a north east facing hillside, which is divided into 17 separate blocks and have an aspect which allows the grapes to maximise the rays of the morning sun.

Their intention was to make wines with integrity from the start, which means that today all of their wines are certified organic and their grapes are grown biodynamically. Theirs is a classic approach. Great grapes on hillside sites which benefit from the microclimates their roots tap into in these niche environments. Wild yeasts further enhance the high quality of the grapes used in Churton's wines. 

The wines reflect the high quality that this attention to detail suggests.

* Read our newsletter each week for dates on Churton Estate tastings and the wines that we will have open at each tasting. 

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