Our Third Annual Chenin Tasting with Joelle Thomson

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We've got a thing for Chenin here at Regional Wines, and so we’ve teed up a third annual look at this versatile variety, hosted once again by our resident queen of Chenin - Joelle Thomson.

Of course, anything Chenin begins at its spiritual home in the Loire valley, and last year we paired dry and botrytised beauties from this ancient bastion of Chenin Blanc with some of the new world's finest South African counterparts.

This time round, it's New Zealand's turn, with wines from four regions and an array of exciting wineries; Millton, Black Estate, Mt. Edward and Forrest Estate.

Chenin is still grown in miniscule quantities in NZ, in fact around 21 hectares only, but offering racy high acidity wines with clean and crisp flavours - in a style that could be said to take the best of Chardonnay and Riesling - it's currently seen as an exciting grape with a brighter future ahead. Like Riesling, it is also a wine lover’s grape and despite its relative obscurity, has been embraced by big name wine makers - so how will some of the best NZ examples fare against the finest from France?

There's some tantalising pairings to compare and contrast; the cool climate of Waipara and Otago versus Baumard's  Savennières; the unctuous honeyed notes of Jovly Vouvray against the warmth of Gisborne and the hand of James Millton, and an aged Bonnezeaux with the finest from Forrest.

So, four different appellations from two countries each, including sparkling, dry, sweet and an aged gem from the Yquem of the Loire Valley. Are you salivating yet? Come and join us for a Chenin conversation, a tête a tête between France and new Zealand where the vino will speak volumes.

Here’s the lineup...


Champalou Vouvray Brut

2016 Baumard dos de Saint Yves Savennières

2015 Jovly Vouvray AOC

2017 Baumard Carte d'Or Coteaux du Layon

2013 Château de Fesles Bonnezeaux

1996 Château de Fesles Bonnezeaux

New Zealand

2017 Black Estate Home Vineyard Chenin Blanc North Canterbury

2017 Mt Edward Chenin Blanc Central Otago

2017 Millton Chenin Blanc Gisborne

2016 Forrest Estate Chenin Blanc Marlborough

2009 Forrest Estate Chenin Blanc Marlborough

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