Rise and rise of rosé

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They come in some of the boldest, big statement bottles on the market, the vary wildly in colour, style and price but one thing that all pink wines have in common today is their popularity. And to verify that fact, we are selling stacks of it, adding to the diversity every month with our in store range.
Rosé fans may have noticed that our pink wine shelves have expanded in the past month in store at Regional Wines & Spirits. This reflects the tidal wave of pink wine produced worldwide. Since 
2012, total rosé wine production has not been able to meet market demand. The growth in popularity of pale French rosé has seen many countries follow suit in their quest to make the best possible pink wine with the least possible colour. But hue is not everything in rosé, which gains its colour from the amount of time the grapes in the wine spent soaking with their skins, prior to fermentation and to the type of grapes the wines are made from. 

Thick skinned red grapes such as Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon will always result in deeper coloured wines, as will longer time on skins. 



Most rosé in New Zealand is made from this country's most planted red grape - stands to reason - which is Pinot Noir; a relatively thin skinned grape, leaning itself to lighter coloured wines. Conversely, some of the best pinkies made from lightly pressed or macerated (soaked) red grapes are actually slightly deeper in colour. 

Two great new rosés in store at Regional...

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2020 Gaia Agiorgitiko Rosé RRP $29.99

The 'A' word on the label of this lively refreshing, deeply flavoursome pink Greek wine stands for Agiorgitiko - the most planted red grape in Greece. It's a stunning flavour profile of red fruit supported by dry savoury flavours in a refreshing new wine. Sealed with a screw cap for freshness. 

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2020 Scalunera Sicilia Rosato RRP $47.99

Dry juicy Sicilian rosé made from two grapes that only grow in Sicily - Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Capuccio; together these quirky red grapes combine to give great juicy cherry aromas and depth of structured red fruit flavours to this lively deep coloured rosato - the Italian name for rosé. 

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