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We are living in an uncertain world right now but one of the growing trends we can rely on is the seemingly exponential rise in the number of organically certified consumable products. Our shelves are positively bending under their weight and it's easy to spot the organically certified wines we have in store now by looking for the green tags we have fixed onto the names.

This is the fourth New Zealand Organic Wine Week. It runs until Sunday 26 September and we can all expect to see plenty of promotion online as well as in stores who embrace the green message. We definitely do just that here at Regional Wines and, at the time of writing, we are hoping to be back at Alert level 1 so that we can pop open a few bottles to show you the greatness behind the organic labels of some of our personal faves. If not, we hope you will take our word for it and put your money where your green credentials are. 

If you find the word organic to be an alluring enticement to buy consumable products of integrity over mass produced goods, it turns out that you are not alone. Far from it. We notice growing numbers of people in store who ask specifically to be guided to organic wines, in particular.

The organisers of New Zealand Organic Wine Week say the unprecedented interest in what we put in, and on, our bodies means that organically certified consumables are becoming more mainstream. 

Consumers are driving demand for everything from cosmetics to organic wine.

We have plenty of that - and we look forward to seeing you in store and online at Regional to purchase some of the best. 

Buy organic wine by clicking on the wines below:

2019 Petit Clos Pinot Noir (RRP $27.99) Special $24.99

2019 Mount Edward Riesling (RRP $24.99) Special $22.99

2020 Black Estate Young Vine Chardonnay (RRP $35.99) Special $32.99

2019 Giesen Clayvin Syrah (RRP $55.99) Special $51.99

Remember... look for the green organic tag for certified products

* All organic wines are marked on the shelves with green tags, which we are on a vigilant mission to continue highlighting to customers.

* Ask our staff to show you their faves from the organics we have.


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