Fruit Cru Petite Organic Cider 750ml

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Organic Cider and Fruit P?t Nat made in Aotearoa. We take natural wine making methods and apply them to locally grown, organic certified fruit. Wild ferments using indigenous yeast and no added sulphur. A hands off approach to cider making and a unique expression of the place we call home.

From the team at Fruit Cru: ?Refreshing and delicate, Petite is a light bodied spritz with an alcohol volume of only 2.5%. Fermented on auince and crab apple skins for three weeks before being blended with Winter Nelis pears and bottled live. Soft mineral and citrus notes, Petite is thirst quenching and smashable, the perfect afternoon quaffer.? Fruit Cru is a project brought to you by former Everyday Wine co-owner, Cosmo Hawke, and Chef at Havana Bar, Jesse Jehmal. Together they are sourcing fruit from around New Zealand and producing ciders and pet nats (bottle fermented sparkling wines) in a warehouse in Newtown, Wellington. Seasonal releases. Certified organic.

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