Svitlo Vodka 40% 1lt

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A distinct body and round finish that will rival any top shelf Vodka. Svitlo is versatile enough for cocktail use, while being able to stand on its own.

Where is Svitlo from?
Svitlo is bottled in central Ukraine in the region of Cherkasy, on the Dnipro river.

Why is Svitlo a better quality Vodka?
Ukraine?s farmland has incredibly fertile soil and
is regarded as the breadbasket of Europe. This fertility creates an abundance of grain, and greater abundance means broader selection for distillation.

How is Svitlo made during the war?
Our manufacturing facility is 380 km from the frontline. The site follows strict protocols for evacuation in the event of any threat, with advance warnings routinely supplied by the Ukrainian military.
With a large portion of working aged men at war, Svitlo is made by a workforce dominated by women, with over 70% staff currently employed and the majority
of departments run by women.

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