Contreras Ruiz Vallehondo Syrah 2022

Contreras Ruiz Vallehondo Syrah 2022

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Contreras Ruiz is located in Condado de Huelva which borders the National Park of Doñana to the south and east. The stunning winery was constructed in 1868 and sports five naves separated by arches 30m high, made from forged iron, typical of the south of Spain and boasts state of the art wine tech within.

Vallehondo is a 100% Syrah that expresses the extremes of the D.O. Condado de Huelva terroir, famous for its warmth, saline notes from the Atlantic and soils predominated by sand and limestone.

The wine is Intense and elegant on the nose which is dominated by ripe red fruits, and nuanced by black pepper and vanilla notes. The palate is silky and unctuous reflecting the warmth of Southern Spain, but is kept fresh by decent acidity, round elegant tannins and well integrated oak.

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