A New Zealand nod to a great French white

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And read on to find out more about where the name Mistral comes from...

Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne are three of the weird and wonderful grapes of central France, where their original home is the Rhone Valley and even there, they are not exactly household names. The wines made from these great white grapes are usually blends, named after the area in which they are grown, which is the word that typically appears on the label, hence the word Mistral on this New Zealand white lookalike.

The name Mistral pays homage to the mistral wind that blows through the Rhone Valley in France, drying out the vines and the climate. Hans and Therese Herzog are great fans of the region and its wines and make a tasty version of their own at their Marlborough winery. It was established in 1994 and has since gone on to produce some of the region's most diverse, high quality, small volume wines, including this blend of 50% Viognier, 30% Marsanne and 20% Roussanne. They grapes were fully fermented to dryness in this spicy, peachy, full bodied white, which is modelled on the great whites of the northern. 

Extended skin contact and cold maceration provide the colour intensity and flavour in this wine. The Marsanne and Roussanne were fermented together with wild yeasts in 500 litre puncheons then blended with the Viognier and aged in 500 litre French oak puncheons for 18 months. 

The finished wine was bottled without fining or filtration, so it is vegan friendly.

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