Bolly at its best - single grape, single vintage, single village

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We're excited to have secured six beautiful bottles of Bollinger's second ever Blanc de Noirs made with the aim of exploring what this great grape is possible of when made from a single village, single vintage with double the usual ageing time and of course from a single grape. The result is Bollinger TX17 Tauxiéres, which is where the name TX comes from. 

Pinot Noir is the pillar of the Champagne Bollinger style so it makes sense that the house is exploring what's possible when honing in on specific village sites, using purely the Pinot Noir grape, by making limited volumes of this outstanding wine. 

Each year will see a new addition to the PN collection, exploring vineyards in villages in the Champagne region. 

This bubbly was aged for more than twice the time required legally by the French appellation system, which means it had over five years in bottle and it's fully dry with four grams of residual grape sugar per litre. 

We have six bottles of Bollinger PN TX17 RRP $187.99

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