Not all Pinots are created equal

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Pinot Noir is the go-to wine of choice for New Zealand wine lovers for one very good reason - it is the most common red variety in the country's vineyards. Why? In two words: cool climate. And that's something that we have in abundance in this country. 

Pinot Noir thrives in cool climates but struggles to express itself in warm regions where it tends to lose its trademark acidity, which defines the structure of most Pinots.

There are 41,603 hectares of vines growing in New Zealand today to make wine, 33,752 of which are white, leaving 7,851 of red grapes and, of this, Pinot Noir makes up 5,400+. It's no wonder we all drink plenty of Pinot. 

Here is a beautiful new Pinot Noir in store at Regional, which was uncovered on my wine travels in Martinborough; the village I call home. This is an older Pinot Noir in half bottles, sealed with a screw cap and drinking superbly. We all know that there are Pinots and then there are pale red wines with the words Pinot Noir on the label; please don't expect to find the latter in store at Regional Wines. Our team adores good Pinot Noir and accepts that it comes in a range of different styles, quality and prices but at all levels, we aim to stock purely the best in its price. 

A superb new top shelf Pinot Noir that is affordable

2014 Escarpment Pinot Noir RRP $25.99 375mls

Velvet smooth, full bodied, dry and complex with layers of savoury, earthy depths of flavour supported by great structure with vibrant acidity and firm smooth tannins. Bold cherry and plum fruit flavours are still alive in this wine and expressive of a beautifully aged Pinot Noir.

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