More than one meaning to Dry July

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No pun intended but dry July has a number of meanings from drinking dry styles of wine to remaining 'dry', so to speak, and not consuming any alcohol based beverages for the month. 

Fortunately, we have rounded up a bunch of the best dry wines that tick both boxes for customers to enjoy throughout July. 

Here they are.

Drink dry wines this Dry July

2019 / 2020 Clearview Estate Cape Kidnappers Syrah RRP $26.99 Special $23.99

What’s not to love about this stunning Syrah from Clearview Estate in Hawke’s Bay? It’s made entirely from grapes grown at Te Awanga, home to the winery and its vineyards. Flavours in this wine are dark, bold and powerful with aromas of ripe blueberries and dried fruit...

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2020 Clearview Estate Whitecaps Chardonnay RRP $23.99 Special $21.99

Our best value big buttery Chardonnay, full of appealing creamy malolactic flavours and buttery aromas adding softness, richness and depth to this intensely powerful Chardonnay, which represents fab value for money.

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All of our wines of the month from Clearview Estate are dry, bar one - the ever popular sweetie, Sea Red. Pop in store to try and buy this great range of wines this July or buy Clearview online here.


Drink zero alcohol wines

Vallformosa Cava Zero % RRP $19.99

Dry, light bodied and deliciously yeasty Spanish bubbly.

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Giesen Alcohol Removed Riesling RRP $16.99

Succulent 0% alcohol Riesling tastes of concentrated lemon zest with notes of grapefruit and juicy freshness. It is one of the best zero per cent alcohol wines we have tried yet...

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Bosca Non Alcoholic Prosecco Special $10.99

A refreshing, crisp Prosecco with a light body and a touch of fruity appeal. No alcohol content.

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