Giesen's new Kiwi-German wine collaboration

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The German born Giesen brothers have added a new Riesling from their homeland to their range of wines. "It's a happy coincidence of timing and a chance meeting at the German wine fair, Prowein, in 2017 with a young German winemaker, Tobias Treis, says Alex Giesen.

“Tobias and his family are deeply rooted in Mosel where they own and run a multi-generational vineyard and their family has been making wine in Mosel since 1684,” says Alex Giesen. 

“We remained in contact and within a few months of our return to New Zealand, Tobias was on the phone letting us know about a rare opportunity – a Riesling vineyard for sale in Mosel, within the village of Reil. Given our grandfather’s love of Mosel it didn’t take much convincing and our new wine is the result.”

The new wine is the 2018 Giesen Mosel Reiler Goldlay, made with grapes grown on a 120-hectare vineyard in the village of Reil, where the vineyards are on the steep, slate soils typical to the Mosel wine region.

Giesen describes the wine as a balance of freshness with tropical flavours, balanced by firm acidity, which means it’s possible to age the wine for up to five years.

Alex and his brothers, Marcel and Theo, all say it was memories of their father travelling to Mosel with his father, August, to buy barrels of Mosel Riesling that prompted them to buy a portion of the Goldlay Vineyard from which to make their own wine in the region.


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