International Pinot Day 18 August

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Here at Regional Wines we will be celebrating International Pinot Noir Day with an instore tasting on Wednesday 21 August from 1pm to 5pm...

Join us to taste great Pinot Noir.... and pick up a bottle or a case to take home while you're at it.

Pinot Noir is New Zealand's most popular and successful red grape variety.

Growth of Pinot in this country has been tenfold since 1987 when Pinot Noir vineyards numbered a modest 524 hectares, compared to today's 5653 hectares, which represents 72% of all red wine grapes planted in this country. 

Pinot facts and stats

* There are 5653 hectares of Pinot Noir vineyards in New Zealand

* Pinot Noir is the second most planted grape in this country after Sauvignon Blanc, which towers over it with approximately 27,000 hectares

* Pinot Noir was previously known as Pineau and, prior to that, as Morillon, Noirien and Auvernat

* The first mention of Pinot Noir in writing with its modern spelling was in 1375 in Belgium

* Central Otago's vineyards are 80% planted in Pinot Noir

* Pinot Noir also grows successfully and makes high quality wines in North Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson, the Waitaki Valley and the Wairarapa 

* It is also one of the key two ingredients in this country's high quality sparkling wines made in the traditional method (like champagne)

* The first known plantings of Pinot Noir in New Zealand were in 1883 at Lansdowne Estate in the Wairarapa by William Beetham and his wife, Marie Zelie Hermanze

* Lansdowne Estate remains in the Beetham family today but no longer with a vineyard

* The Lansdowne Estate vineyard was revived by the Hagar family, who produce small amounts of high quality Pinot Noir in the northern Wairarapa. 

* Germany has the most Pinot Noir planted after France and the Germans called it Spatburgunder

* Pinto Noir also grows with increasing success in Switzerland, Tasmania, Patagonio, Oregon, Sonoma, Carneros, Monterey in California, Chile and parts of Victoria in Australia.


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