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Five generations of winemaking has a formidable ring of knowledge, experience and innate understanding that can make us mere mortals feel... well, less than adequate. So it is refreshing to discover an approachable new wine brand from an old winemaking family. Meet Les Jamelles.

This new winery has a long winemaking history in Burgundy under the name Delaunay. It is now based in the south of France where Laurent and Catherine Delaunay have founded two brands; Les Jamelles and their high end wines, Abbotts & Delaunay. Both are available here at Regional Wines & Spirits and they represent the outstanding dry heat of southern France, along with a wide diversity of grape varieties from all the usual suspects... Malbec, Merlot and Syrah (among others) to the lesser known wines, such as Mourvèdre (also known in Spain as Mataro and Monastrell). 

This month we have new Les Jamelles wines in store, which you can find both online and on our Under $25 stand in store.

A taster of Les Jamelles 

2022 Les Jamelles Rosé RRP $16.99

Deliciously dry French rosé made from Grenache and Carignan, which are blended together to make this dry, super tasty rosé. It comes from the hot, dry, and extremely sunny Mediterranean wine region of the Languedoc, which winds its way around the southern French coast. This large, sun drenched and languid wine region border Provence to the east and Roussillon to the west, on the Spanish border. 

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2021 Les Jamelles Malbec RRP $20.99

Wild berries and ripe plums combine with complex spicy notes in this super affordable Malbec from the Pays D'Oc in the south of France. The grapes for Les Jamelles Malbec come from four different vineyards; in the slopes of the Orb Valley for complexity and richness, the foot of Montagne d’Alaric, northern Corbières, lends roundness and complexity and central Corbières for complexity and spice.

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But wait, there's more.

There is more to this tasty range, available in store. 


Taster of Abbotts & Delaunay

2019 Abbotts & Delaunay Mourvèdre RRP $21.99

Mourvèdre is a southern French grape (also known as Mataro in Spain) and is known for its dark delicious chocolatey flavours and aromas of mocha, earth and bold black fruit ripeness. 

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